Resources for Cruising for Cruising:

Seattle Boat Show Terrific fun and well worth the price of admission, which includes a free cup of chowder. All kinds of boat and boat equipment vendors. Everything from boating attire to PFDs to plumbing and toilets and everything electronic, so much to see it’s hard to do it in one day. Boats afloat on Lake Union is a collection of sailing and motor yachts that you won’t want to miss, and wear shoes that are easy to remove and put back on, as many boats are “shoes off”.  Boat Show University has such variety and depth you just need to consult the schedule to see what is offered. is  the internet Bible for PNW boating in the Salish Sea.

We are 12 years into our sailboat cruising life and we buy it every year at the Seattle Boat Show. Your boat needs to have a paper copy on board, in case you drop your phone accidentally into the water, OR you are – god forbid – out of cell range. We unplug regularly on the boat, as it just isn’t wise to have your iPhone or any phone on deck. I learned about cameras on deck the hard way, and a very nice Nikon sits somewhere on the bottom of Liberty Bay. ;-(

Waggoners’ guides both online and in their famous book include a wide range of resources including up-to-date marina information. Their “Cruisers College” Seminars offer topics ranging from electronics installation to understanding the Salish Sea’s weather patterns.

Everything from Canadian Customs regulations to the superb cruising reports from the Landons, Mark Bunzel, and Margaret Pommert.

Books from these three families include: Cleats & Eats by Lorena Landon

Whether you’re heading to Gig Harbor for a weekend to a month cruising the inside passage, look to Waggoner’s for the latest information on marinas, restaurants, places to go and places to avoid.

My favorite new featured link in the pages is the online chart finder. Captain’s has three interactive maps including NOAA, CHS (Canadian) and IMRAY (Caribbean): You can also buy individual charts, chart books and cruising guides, gear of all kinds including binoculars.

If you don’t know this already, Chapman’s Small Boat Handling is another book to keep on board. It’s a tome, to be sure, but the lessons in small boat handling, boater safety, and seamanship are revised every year and not to be missed. I’d consider it the first book to be in your on board library, and you’ll want a copy at home, too!

Yacht club memberships offer a wealth of communal knowledge from fellow members. Cruising with experienced folks offers companionship, local knowledge, and a hand when you need it most. We’ve been on several cruises where quick thinking and First Aid and CPR training helped save lives. And everyone has knowledge they want to share! 😉  Sometimes the storytelling that occurs at anchor, whether over a board game and/or with a beer, is what makes the trip most memorable.

48° North

Quite simply my favorite web site! I love the blogs it’s linked to, the articles are always entertaining and informative and usually both… Have to admit I am prone to binge reading sailing blogs like   Netflix, Amazon, sorry but you can’t hold a candle to these folks!


Website https://www.metoffice.

Yachting Weather (IOS and Android)




AIS (Automatic Identification System)

Marine Traffic (IOS and Android)

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