What is the Salish Sea?

Ecological Evolution: The place we call home, the Salish Sea, has played a significant role in shaping its unique and diverse ecological systems. The complex network of fjords, channels, and inlets, along with the diverse shoreline and island habitats, has created a mosaic of ecosystems that support a rich and diverse array of marine and terrestrial species. From the iconic salmon runs to the majestic orca whales, the Salish Sea is home to a remarkable array of plants and animals that have adapted to the region’s geologically influenced ecosystems.

Human Influence: The geological history of the Salish Sea has also been shaped by human activities. Indigenous peoples, including the Coast Salish and other First Nations, have lived in the region for thousands of years, relying on its resources for sustenance, trade, and cultural practices. European colonization and subsequent development in the past few centuries have also left their mark on the landscape of the Salish Sea, including logging, mining, urbanization, and pollution, which have impacted the natural environment and ecosystems of the area.

Conservation and Stewardship: In recent times, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of conserving and stewarding the unique and fragile ecosystems of the Salish Sea. Conservation efforts, including habitat restoration, pollution reduction, and sustainable resource management, are being undertaken by various stakeholders, including government agencies, Indigenous peoples, conservation organizations, and local communities, to protect and preserve the ecological integrity of the Salish Sea for future generations.

As stewards of this amazing body of water, recreational boaters bear particular responsibility. The fuels we use: gasoline and diesel, and the chemicals from our boats from bottom paint all contribute to diminishing the purity of these waters. Let’s learn together how we can reverse the damage that generations of boating — commercial and recreational — have wrought on this delicate ecosystem. What are your thoughts?

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